Tom van Hove

Tom van Hove was born in the Netherlands in 1947 and moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 1948. He studied Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Art at the University of Cape Town and worked for 7 years at the S.A. Cultural History Museum.  From 1977 Tom pursued a career in Ceramics and established a very successful school of ceramics and took part in numerous group exhibitions.

In 2002 he decided that he wanted a change of direction and having been enchanted since childhood by the entrapped beauty of colour and light in glass, he approached Nelius Britz and was invited to join him at his Cape Glass Studio and learn the techniques of working in kiln-formed glass. Through keen observation and intelligent experimentation, Tom is emerging as a glass artist of merit. He specialized first in fused and slumped work and subsequently also in cast sculptural work.

His work can be found on display at the EDGE Glass Gallery. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions including the annual glass exhibitions at the EDGE. His work is to be found in collections in South Africa, Europe, the USA and Canada.

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