Sue Meyer

Sue Meyer was born in London in 1943. She was educated at the Royal Ballet School and danced with the Royal Ballet Company. After emigrating to South Africa she became well-known as a ceramic artist, especially for her beautifully designed and meticulously executed porcelain bowls. She turned to glass in 1992 and through perseverance under difficult circumstances with hardly any information about kiln-formed glass in South Africa, she mastered the technique of this unforgiving and difficult medium.  She is considered, along with Nelius Britz, as one of the pioneers of this medium in South Africa. She has an extraordinary sense of beautiful form.

Sue states: “I think that the greatest influence on my sense of form has been those years of training as a dancer. The mountains and general natural habitat of Cape Town where I live, as well as personal perceptions of human relationships, contribute to my inspiration.”

Her creations find their way to several collectors in South Africa and abroad.  Sue is closely affiliated to the Cape Glass Studio and collaborates with Nelius Britz in the execution of architectural installations.

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